Spring (Well, technically still Winter, but close enough for me)


It’s been a while. Goodness how much has happened. Christmas, a New Year, the end of the world that was never going to happen anyways… Now it’s the first day of a new school year and I realized I haven’t posted a single word on here since that last day when I was dying of sleep deprivation and my explosions of color. XD Still as verbose as ever, even though it’s a new year. P’raps that should’ve been my New Year’s resolution…

So here I am, five new brilliant classes that I’m taking, and hopefully a ton more posting. I’ve been writing a lot over the holidays (almost entirely fanfictions about the BBC Sherlock TV show…bit obsessed), but I haven’t been blogging. I’m sorry!! Life caught up and the internet suffered. XD But I’m back in full flow now, and hopefully my posts won’t just be twice-a-week-this-is-an-assignment-personality-showing-very-little-through-the-assigned-topic posts, and they’ll be a mixture of those and actual posts about interesting things I’ve read, seen, done, or listened to. But I soliloquize and wax too eloquent, so I shall stop for now and post my 2 required things before I run off to classes and books. Til then, dears, read onward! (And do comment if you laughed or if I wrote something wrong. Ta! 8D) <3

Honors English Final Project Part 3

Four o’clock in the morning.

December 6th, 2012.


Okaaaaaaaaaaaay Imma just go to bed now. Argh. NEVER procrastinating again. Hopefully. That was a bad experience. But a good learning experience. See, I cannae even talk in complete sentences now, or at least not ones that make sense. Argh. I shall not have spelling errors. No I shall not. I almost just made one. Argh. A lot of “Argh”s in this post, don’t you think? Ah well. It’s late. Or is it early? I just don’t know any more. But seriously. Argh.

I’m not even sure if I can get this post to be the required 200 words. I think I’m too tired to function now. Too bad I still have to post a digital form of my final project. It shall be coming soon. Keep an eye on my Honors English I page. It’ll be there eventually. I can’t believe I’m actually going to have to do things and talk to people today. Yikes. Should be entertaining. Hopefully this “all-nighter” will have cured my cold. Hah. That’s not how things work, is it? Oh well. It sounded good, in my head at least.

AHAH! ALMOST 200 WORDS! YES! I CAN GO TO BED!! After I post pics/a digital version…

Enjoy reading my slightly sleep-crazed book! (if you can read it in the pics, which you should be able to do)

Welcome to college!

Read on, once you’re awake enough… *snores*


Greetings sirs and madams!

I realize my blog has been, well, rather boring of late. I do sincerely apologize. My life has been equally as boring as my blog: that is, it has been full of schoolwork. (My life is never boring while I have my brain [and Netflix], but still. It sounded good.) I have been reading some, though less than I would like, and I have certainly been watching BBC shows on Netflix in my small amounts of spare time, and I have been playing music, though less than I should, but I regret that I haven’t had the time to write about all these wonderful things. (And yes, that was a run-on sentence with way too many comma splices. That’s how I think. I’m sorry.) I shall try to be better about being more interesting, I promise. The semester is nigh on being finished, so hopefully I shall have more time to write. Until then, my lovelies, read on!

(Oh, that’s rather good…I quite like that. Perhaps I’ll make that my new catchphrase at the end of blog posts. Hmm…Opinions?)

{Read on!}

Oh No!!

I’m so sorry!!!!!!! I just realized that today was the first time I’ve posted in a while! I’m really sorry! Tests much? Arrrrrrrgh… But I’m going to try harder. I definitely can’t guarantee that I’ll post more, but I’m gonna try. Ah well. Thanks for sticking with me!! Have fun! 🙂

New (Edited) Page

Hello, greetings, and salutations!

I just wanted to announce the fact that the newest project for my Honors English class is now a page under the header “AUM Honors English” or whatever it actually says. Please go look at it and tell me how much fun you had reading, because it was sooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn making and writing it. So please: Explorations Fall 2012! Go! Read! Comment! And then come back to read whatever crazy (or silly) thing I post next. 😀 Thanks!



This is just a quick note to wave hi at the end of a weekend with nooooooooothing on the blog, and to say: I just edited some of my pages! Please go check them out, and tell me what you think! I do actually take comments into consideration to try and make my blog even better.

Can you believe it’s been a month of classes already? Time sure flies when you’re eating up books…And other stuff…

See you soon!


Hey! This is my first blog as The Bluewater Bookworm!
Just so you know, I am not (as I would think of it) a blogger. I merely want an outlet to share things with people that sound reasonably funny in my head. So please feel free to comment (as long as it’s appropriate! This is a G-rated blog) to let me know what you think about the books or my writing style or whatever. So, off we go into the “wild blue yonder”! Enjoy the ride!