Well hello there!

It has been entirely too long.

Heavens above and below: it’s been nearly 3 months. Yikes. I’m bloody terrible at this, aren’t I? XD

I can’t even begin to describe how my summer’s been. Insane would be a good word to start with. Brilliant would be another one. I’ve been too busy reading to write, and too busy performing to read. And travelling. And moving. And seeing lots and lots of human beings.

But I hope I can be better, and post more often. That’s sadly unlikely, considering that I’m taking 18 credit hours worth of classes in the fall. Maybe I’ll just write a ton of posts now and set them to post during the semester so it looks like I’m actually writing something. At any rate, when I’m not doing homework or practicing or in classes or practicing or attempting to have a social life or practicing or reading, I’m hoping I’ll write some here instead of trawling through the various social media sites I’ve become addicted to over the summer. If not… Well. Feel free to hit me upside the head. XD But don’t actually because then I might fail a class. Or three.

But I digress. This was supposed to be a really short post as an apology to whoever is probably not reading this blog, and a promise to make a miserable failure of trying to write more this fall. I almost wish I had another English class that would force me to write here, just so that there wouldn’t be these huge empty spaces on the site. I hope to keep this as a personal opinion/review blog of music & books (and TV shows because I can’t help myself) but there are almost definitely going to be personal posts, much as I intend to try to not write them. If there are any posts at all.

So at any rate I should stop rambling now and enjoy the rest of my summer before the insanity of homework consumes my life and whatever miniscule amount of sanity may be remaining. Adieu, hasta luego, bis balt, and however you say “see you later” in French & Arabic since I’m too lazy to look them up!!

Read on, dears!!