17: The Story Behind It All

Just another quick update on how I’m doing on my writing project, and also a tiny bit about a video we watched for class. The video is a TED video (yay!) of a talk given by Andrew Stanton, the man who wrote and/or directed Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and Toy Story movies, about the importance of story in everything. And this plays in to the writing project that I’ll be posting shortly. Memorials and monuments tell stories, and telling about memorials is an even greater story. I think I’ve discovered the story behind the memorial that I’ve chosen, and I cannot wait to tell it to you. Soon I’ll post it, and we shall discover more about it together!
Read on!!

6 thoughts on “17: The Story Behind It All

  1. On a sidenote first I love how you have the sides of your blogs saying bookworm. Looks great without taking away from your blog!

    Secondly I like how there are two r’s in your guy’s name. I don’t know why but it just makes everything better. I hope your research goes well and that the story plays out like the Rube Goldberg machine 🙂

  2. I cannot wait for your post! I am more than a little excited for it as I’ve sat next to you and heard a bit about your project. The more you update the more my excitement climbs! Anyway, good luck and happy writing!

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