Day 8 of Italy! (The Final Day!!)

There’s really not much to tell about our final day in Florence…

We woke up in just enough time to make sure that we’d packed everything, then headed downstairs to turn in our room keys for the last time and meet the taxis that arrived to pick us up from the airport.
We got to the airport with about two hours to spare, and settled down to wait excitedly to get back home (as much as we all loved Florence, our feet were pretty happy to be going home). We got on the buses when it was time to board, and waved goodbye to the sight of Florence.

Or so we thought.

It turned out that it was too windy for the pilot to take off safely, so we were stuck in Florence until the wind subsided.
Eight hours later, we were finally able to fly to Amsterdam, where we had to spend the night. Thankfully KLM paid for our hotel rooms and provided us all with complimentary bags of the basic necessities in toiletries, but we were still in Amsterdam. They also had to split us onto two flights: one that left two hours earlier, went through Detroit, and got into Atlanta at 4; and one that left later, went straight to Atlanta, and arrived at 3:15. Guess which one I was on.

After three hours (…maybe four) in the Amsterdam hotel, we returned to the airport, got back on the plane, flew through Detroit, and finally landed in Atlanta at about 3:40.

And thus ended our spring break study abroad trip to Florence, Italy.

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