Day ?? of Italy

There are a few memories I have of Italy that I don’t think I’ve written down yet, mainly because I have no idea on which day they took place. So here you are: in no particular order, the few remaining memories of Florence which are not yet on my blog.

One of the teachers took me and a few of the other students to the Laurentian Library to see their exhibit on Boccaccio. Inside, there were several different manuscripts of some of Boccaccio’s works, at least one manuscript copied by Boccaccio of a different work, a few manuscripts that were neither by Boccaccio nor of Boccaccio, and a room full of the different versions in many languages of Boccaccio’s Decameron. It was pretty fantastic.

The Medici chapel in the church of San Lorenzo is absolutely staggering. It has a tremendously ceiling, and the entirety of the walls and floor are marble with inlays of semiprecious gems to make the different designs. The tombs of several of the most famous of the Medici are placed in the walls. Behind the main chapel there’s another room that contains the graves of Lorenzo and Giuliano de’ Medici, complete with their monuments carved by Michelangelo.
There are also a few rooms off to the sides that held more reliquaries and other artifacts, such as the robes and mitre of Pope Leo X, the Medici pope.

There was one church that we passed a few times that, for some unknown reason, had American $1 bills stuck over the entirety of the walls of the church. They were in very evenly spaced rows and columns, and went from just above head-height to the very top of the church. The rows that were easily accessible had remnants of whatever had been used to stick them on, and little bits of the bills that had been there, leading us to believe that (1) people had taken whatever bills they could reach, and (2) the bills were probably counterfeit. I would love to know why those bills were there…

And so ends my written journals of my time in Florence this spring.

Study on.

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