Post-Trip Introduction and Reflection (for Honors 3010)

For my Italy study abroad I was supposed to choose a disciplinary lens through which to experience my trip and describe it during and afterwards, but to be completely honest, I was so overwhelmed with the sheer awe and newness of experiencing being out of the United States that I couldn’t really focus on any specific aspect of what I saw and experienced. Because I’m a musician, I did notice and seek out quite a bit of music while we were there, and I believe I have made that apparent in my posts, but I did not look around Florence with a specific eye towards finding music. I took a World Literature class as part of the study abroad trip, and so I noticed references to works and authors that we had read in class, but I did not pay as much attention to whether they were recognisable as I could’ve done.

Upon reflection, I suppose that is my lens: I viewed my week in Florence through the eyes of a teenager who is properly out of the country for the first time. I noticed as much about everything as I possibly could, and I believe I’ve faithfully recorded that variety of subjects in my blog posts. I hope my blogs from Florence are as varied and encompassing as my experiences.

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