Authors I Enjoy

Here’s a list of some of my favorite authors. Not all of them are absolutely breathtakingly brilliant, but the works of theirs that I’ve read, I really enjoy. These names are based, on average, of 3 or so works of theirs that I’ve read. (I count books in a series as separate works.)

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Gail Carson Levine

Ray Bradbury

Edgar Allen Poe

Rick Riordan

Michael Scott

J.K. Rowling

Christopher Paolini

Cornelia Funke

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

C.S. Lewis

Charles Dickens

John LeCarre

These authors are not in any particular order, and as time goes on, I may add more. This is a dynamic list. I may eventually get around to rating them in some way, but until then, please check out some of their books.
I’d also love to know who some of your favorite authors are! I’m always looking for more books. Read onwards!!

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