Artists/Musicians/Bands I Enjoy

This will be, by far, the most dynamic page. Sure, I find new authors I like, and realize I really don’t like others, but music is so dynamic, and I hear so much of it, that this page will probably be updated a lot.

But to start, here are some of my “old stand-by’s” that I can never get enough of.

OK Go (of course!)

The Beatles

The White Stripes

My teacher *sigh* (I see him every week; what can I say?)

Orchestras, for the most part, especially the London Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra

And some artists that I’ve discovered recently and that I really like:

David Bowie


Imagine Dragons


Bombay Bicycle Club


I’m always ready to hear more music, so let me know who your faves are! Maybe they’ll make it onto my list. Or maybe just my iPod. ;D

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