Composers I Love

COMPOSERS!!!!!!!! Strange that I adore composers, though I rather dislike composing… Songs (with lyrics) and poems I’m working on, but it will still definitely take me a while to enjoy composing classical pieces. But that’s beside the point! These are composers, who are not me, who I love everything by them that I’ve heard. Definitely a dynamic page, as I hear more music and watch more movies, but a few will stay the same. Because they’re amazing. ^_^

John Williams (the king of movie music!)

Thomas Newman (especially Skyfall… *dies*)

Randy Newman

Jorge Morel

Astor Piazzola (I bet I spelled that wrong, but he is the king of tango, so maybe he’ll forgive me)

Roland Dyens

Did I mention John Williams?

Johann Sebastian Bach

Ludvig van Beethoven

My teacher, Andrew Zohn (and I do actually really like his pieces, I’m not just trying to get into his good books XD)

Steve Reich

Philip Glass

John Adams

Look them up, enjoy, and recommend more for me! (?) Read on! <3

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