BWA 1: Works Cited & Consulted

ENGL 1027
Dr. Elizabeth D. Woodworth
March 4, 2013

The Works Cited & Consulted for the BWA 1 Project

“Vernon Starr Smith: Obituary.” Clarion Ledger 5 Feb. 2012: n. pag., 5 Feb. 2012. Web. 3 Mar. 2013. <>.

STARR SMITH: International Journalist. N.d. A plaque describing a painting. Auburn University Montgomery Library, Montgomery.

Jeter, Lynne W. “‘Poor Student, Constant Reader’ Travels World.” Mississippi Business Journal. Mississippi Business Journal, 20 Aug. 2001. Web. 04 Mar. 2013.

Auburn University Montgomery Library. Welcome to the Starr Smith Travel Collection. Montgomery: Auburn University Montgomery Library, n.d. Print.

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