BWA 1: A Memory of My Choosing

ENGL 1027
Dr. Elizabeth D. Woodworth
March 2, 2013

Bwahahahahaha this is more than likely my favorite part of this Big Writing Assignment: the part where I get to pretend that I get to pick what kind of memorial I would like to have place on AUM. Let’s see… *evil plotting face*

Part of the question asks “Would you have the memorial named for you, or for someone else, such as a member of your family?” Why, named after me of course! And before I get called out for being overly pretentious, I’d want something named after me because if I did something spectacular enough to deserve a memorial, I’d want the credit. Now if I donated $100 or $200 to the school, perhaps then I’d donate the money “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone else, but if it was possible to do something cool enough for the school that I got some sort of memorial besides just a plaque saying I gave them money, I’d want to have my name on it, most certainly.

Where on campus would I want my memorial? Ooh, good question. I definitely have to think about that one… The thing is, I don’t know if there’s any one place on campus where most of the people go. I’m sure there are some students who eschew the library and have never been there. I’m sure that there are students on campus who either have their classes at times that they have no need to eat at the cafeteria, or they bring food that doesn’t need to be heated up, so they have no reason to go to the Taylor Center to eat. I’m fairly sure that every student has been to the Registrar at least once, but that’s not really someplace you go regularly. Many classes are in Goodwyn Hall, and the lobby of Goodwyn is a very popular spot, but you don’t necessarily have to go through every part of Goodwyn, or even of the lobby, if you even go in to Goodwyn. I think the best place to put a memorial where most, if not all, the students at AUM would see it, would be in the middle of the quad. Okay, yes, there are definitely some students who only visit one side of the campus or the other, but if you pay any attention to your surroundings, you’re bound to see something that’s in the middle of campus. There are already statues and Greek letters and things that I think most everyone sees there.

What kind of memorial would I want? Probably the hardest question to answer, out of all the questions I have/had to answer about my hypothetical memorial at AUM. The honest answer is: I don’t know. Part of me says “I want a big, ostentatious sculpture that has a plaque with my name and whatever accomplishment led to the memorial at the base!” Another, more reasonable, part of me says “Perhaps a tree would be nice, with a small plaque at the base saying why it was planted there.” I suppose the type of memorial would change depending on what I had done to deserve a memorial. The memorial that I chose to write about for the rest of the BWA is an exhibit in the library, so I think it would be equally cool to have something in the library dedicated to me. (Goodness this post sounds self-centered and conceited, doesn’t it? Yich…) If, for some reason, someone decided to commission a portrait of me (why anyone would ever do that I have no idea) then I’d love to donate it to the library for them to put somewhere.

So that’s my little dreaming for now about what kind of memorial I’d like to have on AUM. Not as if it’ll ever happen, of course, but it was a fun little exercise. You should try it sometime! I’m serious, it’s quite enjoyable. ^_^

Write on!

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