17: The Story Behind It All

Just another quick update on how I’m doing on my writing project, and also a tiny bit about a video we watched for class. The video is a TED video (yay!) of a talk given by Andrew Stanton, the man who wrote and/or directed Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and Toy Story movies, about the importance of story in everything. And this plays in to the writing project that I’ll be posting shortly. Memorials and monuments tell stories, and telling about memorials is an even greater story. I think I’ve discovered the story behind the memorial that I’ve chosen, and I cannot wait to tell it to you. Soon I’ll post it, and we shall discover more about it together!
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16: Progress Report

Hello lovelies! My apologies for not having been on in a while; schoolwork and all. *smacks forehead*

This is a very quick (required) post about what I’m doing to do research for the big scary project that’s coming up in English. Basically, um… Reading the captions under the pictures in the library. The memorial I’m doing the report on is an exhibit in the library lobby about Starr Smith, a Montgomery travel journalist, and I’ve sort of read one of the informative plaques under the photographs, but I’m literally about to go read the rest of them, and then I’ll also search for Starr Smith online, and possibly the guy who painted the portrait that’s hanging in the library, and maybe some other stuff that was on that plaque.

I’ll speak to you again soon! (After I’ve done some more research…)

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15: Find Your Way

So our big writing assignment is coming up, and we need to research everything, and this is a teensy little post about how I’m going to find out about my project.

– There’s an exhibit in the library with plaques. I shall read them… XD

Reference desk at the library!

– Intranet is your frand… XD

Basically that’s it…

Internet includes generic Google, but also looking at journal articles and online libraries and things.

And that’s basically it!

Should be fun!! (?)

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