30: “It’s the End of the Year As We Know It…”

I really hope you got that reference… XD As my final project for Honors English II was all about music, I figured it would be appropriate to reference a song as my title. Besides, it is nearly the end of the semester (at least for me) and I CANNOT WAIT! XD Although really, my semester hasn’t been that bad. I liked all of my classes and nearly all my teachers, I like AUM, I actually enjoy taking tests (although the stress is a little annoying), and my saying “yeah the semester’s almost over woot woot I can’t wait for summer” is just me being my normal complaining self and also succumbing to the stereotype of the college student who can’t wait for school to be over. XD I can find something happy about basically everything that happens to me. For instance, school was wonderful. Finals are wonderful (mostly because they’ll be over soon). I have a concert on Thursday, and while I do need to work for it and I don’t particularly enjoy practicing, it’ll be a lot of fun, especially since I love the space I’m going to be playing in, people I know will hopefully be there, I’m getting paid, and it will mark the end of my first year of college. Then starting that afternoon, we start packing to move, which hasn’t happened in 4 and a half years: the longest time that any member of my family (that is: me, my brother, and my mom) has been in the same house. We’re all getting a little restless… I really love moving, and while obviously that’ll be a whole ‘nother kind of stressful, it’s also going to be fun to move to a new house, a new city, and a new school. But I digress. Back to my main point: I’M NEARLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve finished my final project, which will be up and edited by tomorrow morning (well actually it’s up now, just in the ‘pending’ stage until I edit it), and after I finish this blog post I only have a half-page summary about my final project to write, and then I’m completely done with writing for the year!!! There’s obviously my English final tomorrow morning, but that’s just examining everyone else’s projects, explaining my own, and eating some lovely breakfast in our classroom. Not bad, all things considered. XD So to wrap up quickly before my head explodes and I go even further off topic, this is the last post I’ll write that’s an assignment for my Honors English Composition sequence at Auburn University Montgomery (*sniff* *sniff*), please check out my Final Project page under the “Honors Comp II” tab once I get it up there, be sure to look at my Padlet page for my final at padlet.com/wall/bluewaterbookworm, and enjoy whatever it is you’ll be doing this week!!

I’ll talk to you again in the near future!!!

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1: Montgomery Memorialized

So Montgomery. The town I’ve lived in (or near) for almost 8 years now. And yet, the only time I really explored and paid attention to its history was for one afternoon in a mad dash, taking pictures of memorials for my Montgomery memorial book. Sad, no?

I’m supposed to include a picture of some monument or memorial somewhere in Montgomery, and tell what it means to me and why I chose to include it in this post. Brilliant idea, but which picture? I took quite a few that afternoon, and found several more online. What memorial means the most to me? I’ve visited the trolley at Union Station quite often, so I could include the picture of that plaque. I go to Maxwell Air Force Base practically every week, and I lived there for a year, so I could very well include one of those plaques, but I don’t know as I ever actually read any of the plaques before I went exploring. I could post a picture of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, or of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, but those buildings aren’t memorial buildings, and the only memorial statues on the grounds are of Shakespeare and William Blount, and neither played a major role in either the Civil War or the Civil Rights movement (besides the fact that I don’t have a picture of either of those statues). I could definitely include a picture of the Civil Rights Memorial, but I’ve never been there, so it would be awkward trying to define what it means to me if I’ve never really seen it. So what picture to choose? The truly terrible picture of Old Alabama Town that I took while dashing into the middle of the street after making sure no cars were coming? It’s the back of the town, so you can’t really see anything. One of the plaques that I’ve already mentioned and given reasons for not choosing it?

K iTouch 12032012 121 This is the plaque in front of the Biscuits Riverwalk Baseball Stadium in downtown Montgomery. I chose it because this is one of the very few plaques I had actually read in Montgomery before the final project last semester. Before nearly every baseball game I’ve attended at that stadium (which are quite a few), I’ve run over and read this plaque. I don’t know what draws me to it: perhaps the sadness held in its words and in the stones of the building, perhaps just that it’s something to do while you’re waiting, perhaps because I’ve read it so many times it’s become a habit or a tradition to read it every time I visit the stadium. Whatever the reason is, this is the memorial that means the most to me in Montgomery. It isn’t much compared to some other memorials, but it’s “my” memorial, and is one of my favorite parts of what I suppose I must call my home town.

Examining “The Message”

Ah, another Firefly examination! Yes, I love TV!! But I must say one word of warning before you rush off to enjoy the brilliance of Joss Whedon in “The Message”: IT’S SO DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs* And so, on that cheerful note, we begin.

The primary question my beautiful teacher asked us relating to “The Message” is: What new elements of character are revealed throughout this episode? Now, I’m pretty terrible with plot summaries, and I wasn’t really going to include a full episodal summary (I don’t care if that wasn’t a word before: it sounds cool and it is now *evil grin*), so I would highly recommend watching this episode before reading further. Of course, I highly recommend watching it anyways, but still.

This episode is really the first episode where we learn anything about Jayne’s past, and also about his emotions. When the crew goes to the post office (and I’m being a bit generous with that term here) to see if there’s any mail for them, Jayne receives a box from his mother. It’s always amusing to find out that tough guys have a mother, isn’t it? 😀 We find out that Jayne is rather uneducated, in that he is a very hesitant reader, but he cares about his siblings when he reads that one of them is sick. He also is very pleased with the garish orange knitted hat his mother enclosed in the box, and he proceeds to wear it throughout the rest of the episode.

The adventure the crew of Serenity has in this episode is because of a crate they receive at the post office that contains the body of a young man that Mal and Zoe fought with in the war, and they run into trouble with the Alliance while trying to transport him home. Because they see this young man, we get to have a flashback moment into the battle where the man Tracy, Mal, and Zoe fought together. We realize that Mal used to be incredibly more impulsive than he is in the rest of the series, and it provides a great comic aspect to the depressing rest of the episode. I had always found Mal to be reckless and impulsive before, but seeing that flashback made me realize how much calmer he is compared to how he was in the war. We also see that Zoe was very calm and methodical in the way she did things in the war, and never showed any sort of emotion besides anger, and even that was slight. I suppose her marriage to Wash and also the fact that she was no longer in the war made her realize that she could lighten up, laugh a little, and generally enjoy herself more.

As you have probably noticed, I could go on for quite a while longer, but I shall spare you the burden (burden isn’t quite the word I was looking for, but as my mental dictionary/thesaurus is not functioning at the moment, it’ll have to do) of reading more of my attempts at critical analysis of the show Firefly in general and the episode “The Message” in particular. Ah well. I shall be back shortly with more analyses of more episodes. Go watch more Firefly. I promise this will make more sense then. Well, I hope anyways… 😀